Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nonverbal Communication Can be your Friend, Especially on Valentine's Day

By: Jaclyn Silk- Associate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Heart-shaped candy boxes are appearing on the shelves of stores, flower shops are advertising bouquets of red roses, and romantic cards fill the card shelves. People will try to show their loved ones their feelings through such gestures as the ones mentioned. They will spend hours trying to figure out exactly what to say to their significant other but they don’t realize what they are saying through unconscious nonverbal communication such as body language.

Body language can tell someone a lot about how another person is feeling. Nonverbal communication cues are the most frequent communication method and can be conscious or unconscious. This Valentine’s Day when you are out with that special someone, take note of the following nonverbal messages and see what messages they are sending without actually communicating them to you!

- Eye Contact: Whether you are having a quiet night in or you are out to dinner, eye contact during conversation is the key. Establishing and maintaining eye contact usually means that the person is interested and involved in the conversation.

-Body Position: Where someone’s body is positioned during conversation is important. For example, if someone is leaning towards you, this shows interest in the conversation and you. If their posture is relaxed then they are having a good time. If they are stiff, this usually means they are tense.

-Facial Expressions: The human face is extremely expressive. If the person is showing expressions of happiness or excitement, they are most likely having a good time!

-Space: Whether or not a person stays in their “own space” can tell a lot about how comfortable they are feeling. If someone stays within their own “bubble” with their gestures and the placement of their body, this is a good sign that they are nervous or not as comfortable. If they are moving into your “space” then this is a sure sign that they are comfortable around you!

-Physical Contact: Touching and embracing are always sure signs that a person is comfortable around you. An example of this is while someone is laughing, they touch your arm or leg.

Communication is so much more than conversation. Bosses, employees, teachers, students, husbands and wives take note of their fellow communicator's nonverbal communication nearly everyday. This Sunday is a good benchmark date for all communicators to take note of what nonverbal communications and cues are being expressed and -because it's Valentine's Day- amplified. Down the road, it could be the difference between a good job interview or a bad one; a good oral presentation or a bad one; or a good first impression or a bad one. More immediately, it could be the different between a good Valentine's Day--or a great one!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Run down of media outlets in Maine

As our first entry, we wanted to express the importance of establishing relationships not only with clients but media outlets throughout the state. While publicity still must be earned, even great initiatives will get ignored without the right approach and follow-up. In order to get anything covered, you need to know what station or paper to go to in order to get the story covered. We feel that in order to have the coverage that you desire, you must establish and keep the relationships positive with media outlets. Below are links to some credible radio stations, newspapers,magazines and TV stations throughout the State of Maine. All of these news outlets feature news on their websites. Please note that these are not all the credible news organizations in Maine, but this can serve as a starting point for you

Television Stations:


WMTM Ch. 8
WGME Ch. 13

Presque Isle:

Business Publications

Maine Ahead
Maine Biz

Daily Newspapers:

Bangor Daily News
Kennebec Journal
Lewiston Sun Journal
Morning Sentinel
Portland Press Herald

Radio Stations:
Maine Public Broadcasting